What is 'Banking'

Banking is the essential and integral part of our day-to-day life . Money matters everywhere and Money is related to Banking.Even the Richest person  need to keep his/her  money with a Bank only.

Any kind and form of asset, you visualize, finds the whole or part of it's transaction through a Bank. Here ....by the words"Money" and "Banking", I refer to the legal and open transactions only.

We do the banking in two ways :either  direct or indirect routes.
  1. Direct route is the involvement of you as opening and maintaining accounts with a Bank.
  2. Indirect method does not involve you but somebody will be doing the transactions using you .
Example for the second category is your Employer opening and making deposits in an account or a judicial Court making the order to another person or agency or institution, to keep a sum in your name in respect of an award in a dispute.

Again, you can choose your bank according to your Taste and Preferences so as to meet and satisfy your needs. It can be a Public or Private bank, Commercial or Cooperative Bank or Local Bank or International Bank.

But remember.One thing is sure. The quality of service is directly proportional to the following four factors.
1) Price of the product
2) Technology used
3) Relationship level. Relationship is linked to the value of transactions done by you.
4) Spatial reach .

All Banks have the onus of confidentiality to their clients whether Big or Small, Rich or Poor, Individual or Non-Individual.
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